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We provide analytical support of emissions testing, 40CFR Part 60 Appendix B. In addition to the methods listed below, we are capable of performing many other EPA methods. Please contact our customer service staff for availability.

Particulate MatterEPA Method 5
Sulfur DioxideEPA Method 6
Nitrogen OxideEPA Method 7
Nitrogen OxideEPA Method 7B
Nitrogen OxideEPA Method 7D
Sulfuric Acid Mist & Sulfur DioxideEPA Method 8
WaterEPA Method 9
Hydrogen SulfideEPA Method 11
LeadEPA Method 12
FluorideEPA Method 13B
Vapor-Phase Solvent ExtractionEPA Method 14
Sulfur, Total ReducedEPA Method 15A
Sulfur, Total ReducedEPA Method 16A
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) LeaksEPA Method 21
Volatile Matter, Water Content, & Density of Surface CoatingsEPA Method 24
Volatile Matter Content & Density pof Printing Inks & Related CoatingsEPA Method 24A
Gaseous Organic ConcentrationEPA Method 25
Hydrogen ChlorideEPA Method 26
Determination of Metals EmissionsEPA Method 29
Hexavalent Chromium EmissionEPA Method 60
Formaldehyde & Carbonyl CompoundsEPA Method 61
BerylliumEPA Method 104
MercuryEPA Method 105
ArsenicEPA Method 108